Designing your own Roadster with Audi Finance

Designing your own Roadster with Audi Finance

The classic Audi TT roadster has always turned the heads of fellow motorists at the traffic lights. It is one of the smaller versions of the TT and has a soft top hood so that it is lighter and this then makes it faster. Audi Finance now have a new offer out that allows you to design your own Audi Roadster by chosing everything from the colour down to the engine size and even the sat nav. Audi calls it the car configurer and allows you to design and create your perfect Audi to meet your choice of lifestyle.

The first thing you need to think about is the model type you want and you will find that every model is included in the range. I’m chosing the TT roadster some like to call it the cabriolet as shown below.

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Audi Finance configurator

The Audi Finance configurator will lead you through each step of the Audi car financing process. Once I chose the model I wanted the next step was to pick the engine. Of course for the Roadster I was focusing on having a performance engine with a trim line. Then I began to design the exterior there was a vast range of colour options to choose from and I eventually settled on a metallic colour. Then for the wheels I chose a low profile tyre with matching trims. For the interior I was able to pick my own upholstery and I went for a dark grey leather with a black gloss dashboard finish. I also chose to have luxury seating with add padding for the extra comfort on the road.

Finally I was even given the choice of detailed specifications like the type of headlights I wanted and even the steering wheel shape and texture. Moreover I also had to pick the audi experience which gave me dab radio and surround sound speakers. It seems that Audi have thought of everything and want to personalise the driving experience to each individuals needs.