Tesla Finance for the Wedding Car of Dreams.

Tesla Finance for the Wedding Car of Dreams.

If you are looking for that luxury car for your wedding day at an affordable price then look no further than the Tesla. It is a stunning vehicle and because it is made in the USA and has to be shipped over here then you rarely see a Tesla on the road. So when I seen an advert saying that a local company had used Tesla Finance to get a brand new Tesla in their fleet of wedding cars for hire I just had to check it out. Indeed it was true, it was the latest model and the style was magnificent.

The company had a huge fleet of wedding vehicles to match any colour style or fashion. It had the favourite Rolls Royce and of course the Bently but the pride of it’s fleet was the Tesla Model S. Of course it was there in the fashionable white colour and the owner of the company told me it could be hired with a first class chauffeur who had driven royalty. Moreover the car would be decorated for me with my choice of flowers and ribbons or whatever I wanted. But I kept wondering how a local company like this could afford to buy such a prestigious car for hiring out. So nosey me asked the manager.

Affordable Tesla Finance.

Apparently the best way to buy a Tesla is to go to Tesla finance and get a Tesla financing package deal on the purchase. There are several deals on offer which can leave a little confused but in lay mans terms it is quite straight forward. For this hire company they chose the deal where they pay monthly for the car over a fixed period of 3 years then at the end of the 3 years they have the choice either to make a balloon payment or exchange it for a brand new model.

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This deal was brilliant for the company because as long as they hire their Tesla out a few times a month then the actual cost was covered and any additional bookings were actual profit. It left me thinking this may be a good business to get into.